Dale lynds

“I started my first full time job in Southern Ontario working for a company in Oakville designing, building, installing and servicing custom weighing systems. Later on, needing a change, I accepted a job at another company which made electronic vibration monitoring equipment. I picked up many skills and learned a lot working at these companies. It was fate that seemed to bring me into the teaching field. I was a scout leader sitting around a campfire when one of the other leaders asked if I thought of being a teacher. My wife was pregnant with our first born, we moved into our first house and I accepted an offer to teach at GDHS, all within one year. Another daughter and a son were added to our household over the next number of years as well. I have been teaching at GDHS for 30 years! My wife and I are currently heading into the "empty nest" phase of life and I am looking towards retiring. Teaching has always kept me busy and sometimes even too busy. I am now looking at my sixth year being involved in robotics. Students have the opportunity to learn from many subject areas as robotics covers science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as well as business, design and art. On top of that, and more important, this program allows students to gain knowledge through the volunteer mentors who give up their personal time to teach their areas of expertise to the students at GDHS. I would like to know where there is another program that even comes close to this!!”


wayne melnick

Mr. Melnick grew up in Hamilton, attending Sir Allan MacNab S.S. His favorite subject was Drafting (imagine that!), and least favorite was English! While in school he loved to play Water Polo and Baseball. He went off to Mohawk College in the Honours Mechanical Engineering Technology program, followed later by attending Brock University for his Diploma in Education so that he could share his passion with students. Past jobs have included working for the Ministry of Transportation with road equipment design, Westinghouse Canada with predictive maintenance and vibration analysis, Ecodyne with water treatment equipment design and ProMinent Fluid Controls as a Project Engineering Designer with chemical metering and handling equipment. He never thought he’d end up in the classroom, but enjoys working with students and the robotics team for the chance to travel to exotic locales such as North Bay and Windsor!! He has one daughter, aged 14.


Craig Chambers

I have a cool job installing IMAX projection systems all over the world. I studied mechanical engineering at U of Toronto. I have been involved with First Robotics for 18 years (more than half of my life!). I have an awesome dog named Sophie, I will soon be a dad and my favorite non robots thing to do is golf!


Chris Passmore

Controls, automation and electrical mentor.


Anna Mizak

I joined the team in 2017, and have had a blast mentoring the scouting (aka scheming) portion of our team ever since. I'm excited about helping students learn how to problem solve and use logic to build a new system for data collection and analysis every year. I've always been interested in math, and although becoming a mathematician didn't work out for me (yet!), it's continued to be a passion. Currently, I live in Hamilton with my partner and cat, and have a somewhat unconventional career working in restaurants. Just moving through life trying to make a positive difference for those around me! #schemeteam


Pratik Mistry

Programming and Electrical Mentor

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Matt Bechberger

Electronics Engineering Technologist and home shop machinist